How to use Smack API voice/video chat

I'm trying to create an instant messenger in java using the SMACK API. My ultimate goal is to provide voice as well as video chat using a google(gmail) id. The API doesn't matter. Just something that works.

I have googled a lot, but could not find any good documentation. I found a library called libjingle, but it supports only c++.

Has anyone implemented this in java before, or have any suggestions on how to get voice and video chat to work?


What you are looking for is smackx-jingle, which is part of the standard smack distribution.

There are test cases you may want to take a look at to help you figure out how to use it. Unfortunately, the author of that extension did not provide documentation for the API.

smackx-jingle is obsolete and very unlikely to work. You might want to look at these instead:

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