Calculate percentage of up votes

I have searched this site and Google and even though the idea is pretty simple I can't figure it out.

I need to (like seen on YouTube) calculate the % of up-votes based on the amount up-votes and down-votes.

I have two vars, $upvotes and $downvotes now i need to calculate $ratio

For example

$upvotes = 3;
$downvotes = 1;

The ratio here needs to be 75 (%)

If you have

$upvotes = 0;
$downvotes = 100;

It needs to be 0 (%)

How do I calculate the percentage (in PHP)?



    if(($upvotes+$downvotes) != 0)
    $percentage = (float)($upvotes/($upvotes+$downvotes))*100;
    $percentage = 0;

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