Fill Entire Cell With Two Components Using MigLayout

I have two components which I would like to both fill the same cell in a MigLayout:

For example, I want to give both components constraints something like this:

cell 0 0 1 1, push, grow

and have them both be placed exactly over top of one another inside cell 0 0

(If I just use the code above, they end up sharing space side-by-side in the cell)

What do I have to add to the MigLayout constraints to make this happen?


I ended up solving the issue by giving the first component an id in MigLayout:

cell 0 0 1 1, push, grow, id myid

Then explicitly positioned the second component on top of the first using the first component's bounds (referenced using the id):

pos myid.x myid.y myid.x2 myid.y2

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