MDM Agent on iOS

I worked on MDM in Android, and used the API's to lock, wipe etc when I receive a C2DM push message from the server.

When I was trying to explore more on the iOS part of it, I was a bit confused. I got a feeling that, we don't need to code a agent for the MDM to work on iPhone.

So is it completely managed from the server? Or do I have to have an agent application too? If yes, can you help me with a sample of the agent programming?



For complete MDM control of the iPhone, you either need to look at profile management as sent out from Mac OS X Lion Server (they added this into this OS version) or a third-party solution (MobileIron, Tarmac, etc). There is some good background, slightly dated information here too: How to configure/install MDM server for iPhone and iPad


There is no need of a separate agent application - it's handled by iOS itself.

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