Function doesn't work after jQuery ajax html injection

I have the following ajax call on a webpage...

    var href=$('.poplight').attr("href");
        $.get(href, function(data) {
                    // inserts <div id="additionalInfo"> 
                    // <legend id="legend-params">Legend</legend>
                    // <div id="toggle"> This should toggle </div> </div>



On the same page, there is a .js script linked that toggles the #toggle div whenever the legend is clicked. This all works fine on a separate page (just the legend toggle by itself), but I can't get it to work with the ajax call. I'm thinking it has to do with when jquery "attaches" to certain doms... I don't know enough about the innerworkings of jquery to really know for sure.

Here is the external script. I've tried with an onload, adding it inline with html, and a few other variations. These functions are run when the legend is clicked (if you insert an alert('test') after the .show() method, it will display an alert window).

    function() {
       $("#toggle").show("slide", {direction: "up"}, 200);
    function() {
       $("#toggle").hide("slide", {direction: "up"}, 200);

Any help would be great!


The comments listed above helped me solve the problem (I think they were converted to comments by SO's "algorithm"... would have marked them as answers). I essentially changed:

$("#legend").toggle(...) to

$("#legend").on('click', functionX()...) where functionX that was pretty much a glorified if statement that hid some things if a global variable was true or false. Maybe not the cleanest solution, but it did the job.

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