How get record for this specific case?

I have three tables

Person (id, name, email)
Address (id, Person_id, address, verified)
Person_Claimed (id, Person_id, name, email)

We add records in Person and Address table manually. When someone see his/her profile online, he/she claimed his/her profile and a entry is created in Person_Claimed Table.

Now I want to get records of persons who have not claimed their profiles AND also their addresses are not verified.

How to join these tables



Assuming verified is not null and 0 means 'not verified'

FROM Person p
INNER JOIN Address a ON (a.Person_id = )
LEFT JOIN Person_Claimed pc ON (pc.Person_id =
WHERE a.verified =0 AND IS NULL

If person can have multiple not verified addresses, you may want to add GROUP BY (or SELECT DISTINCT instead of SELECT

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