Is creating new Wordpress post with custom post type and custom fields possible via XML-RPC?

I've been trying to create new blog posts on my site using python and wordpress' XML-RPC API. So I came across a wrapper and tried it, but it seems it doesn't support creating posts with custom post type and fields. So I started looking for custom codes and came across this bug report. Now I am confused. Is it even possible to do this? If yes, how? As I can find to code examples, it is proving a bit tough for me.


The WordPress XML-RPC API does not currently support custom post types. However, support will be added in the forthcoming WordPress 3.4 release. You can find documentation for that on the Codex.

I have a plugin that acts as a shim for WordPress 3.3 and earlier and adds functionality equivalent to that added in 3.4.

I have recently updated my python wrapper that you had found, and it now supports WordPress 3.4's new functionality. I have put up several examples in the library's documentation.

Essentially, you need to use the post_type field available as a parameter on the new wp.*Post XML-RPC methods.

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