How to refer to Enclosing class from Inner class?

I am extending ArrayList to create a custom ArrayList that can be modified using normal ArrayList methods while iterating over it. For this I am also creating an Iterator.

public class SynchronizedList<E> extends ArrayList<E>
    // Fields here

    //Constructors and methods here

public class SynchronizedListIterator<E> implements Iterator<E>
    public int index;
    private E current;

    public boolean hasNext()
        synchronized (/* reference to enclosing List object */) {
                    //code goes here
        return false;

    //more methods here

During my hasNext() and next() methods, I need to make sure the list is not modified (it can be modified at any other time). Hence I need to refer to my enclosing type in my synchronized() block.


EnclosingType.this. So in your case, it would be SynchronizedList.this.

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