userPlaylists returns empty

im working on a Spotify IOS app and i've been trying to get the users's playlists using [[SPSession sharedSession]userPlaylists]

Most of the times, it doesn't return any playlists, occasionally, it does return all the playlists. I am logged in correctly since [[SPSession sharedSession] starredPlaylist] and [[SPSession sharedSession] inboxPlaylist] always return the playlist Anyone have any idea whats going on?


Everything in CocoaLibSpotify is asynchronous — you'll need to wait until the loaded property of userPlaylists returns YES before the playlists property contains anything useful, and each playlist contained within has a loaded property that is set to YES when the playlist's name and track listing has been loaded.

All properties in the playlist stack (and elsewhere in CocoaLibSpotify) are Key-Value Observing compliant. The best approach is to observe the properties you're interested in, then react when they're set.

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