artisteer wp-theme metadata (date, category) lost

I am going nuts over wordpress and artisteer. I am trying something that used to be pretty straightforward - turning on and off the display of date and post category for my posts on my blog page.

I find this in content.php

global $post;
        'id' => theme_get_post_id(), 
        'class' => theme_get_post_class(),
        'title' => theme_get_meta_option($post->ID, 'theme_show_page_title') ? get_the_title() : '', 
        'heading' => theme_get_option('theme_single_article_title_tag'), 
        'before' => theme_get_metadata_icons('date', 'header'),
        'content' => theme_get_content()

And the instruction says that all you got to do is insert or remove 'date' in the 'before' line. I've done it back and forth with my content files and nothing changes on the output.

I can't find the actual code that prints it all, wordpress used to be so simple before everything was dug down 10 levels deep and you now have to look through millions of different functions to find the simplest things...

As you can probably tell, I usually don't work with WP =) But this is on my table now and I haven't stayed up to date with WP for a couple of years...

Any input as to where I can find the variables is appreciated...

I had expected to at some point find

'posted at '.echo($date).' in category '.echo($category)

or something at least remotely similar...


Aha! Figured it out! The before function needed to go AFTER the h2 tag:

<div class="post-inner article">
    <?php echo $thumbnail;
      if (!art_is_empty_html($title)){
          echo '<h2 class="postheader">'.$title.'</h2>';
      echo $before;
<div class="postcontent">
<!-- article-content -->

Leaving this here in case someone else comes looking for it! :-)

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