CakePHP Fatal Error class 'L18n' not found

Since this morning I can't get one of my pages working.

The error message:

Fatal error: Class 'I18n' not found in /home/drukwerk/domains/ on line 507

I found out this will only happen when I echo a form like:

echo $this->Form->input('Wenis');

When I left my work three days ago it still worked.. now it's broken. Does somebody ever had a similar problem before?


Clear your app cache app/tmp/cache make sure you really did not change anything (I hope you use git, svn or something else). Make sure the core was not changed or updated - maybe by someone else in your team.

Also there should be some trace that shows you from where exactly the fatal error comes from. Line 507 is the end result but what was called before? I suggest you to use xdebug.

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