Utility method for wrapping an object in a collection

I'm looking for a static method in the Java core libraries or some other commonly used dependency — preferably one of Apache — that does the following:

public static <T> Collection<T> wrap(final T object){
    final Collection<T> collection = new ArrayList<T>();
    return collection;

Do you know where such a method already exists? Since I guess the problem is common, I don't want to duplicate it's solution.


java.util.Collections.singleton(object) will give you an immutable Set. singletonList is also available.

Less efficiently java.util.Arrays.asList(object) will give you a mutable (can use list.set(0, x);), but non-structurally changeable (can't add or remove) List. It is a bit more expensive as there is an extra array that is created client-side.

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