File upload css

I'm 'having a hard time figuring out which css rule is messing up the file upload form element because it's not quite aligned properly with the other form elements.


There are some conflicting styles.

This style is overriding the width and padding on your custom element:

form .section > div {
    padding: 0 10px 0 1%;
    width: 75%;

Adding a DIV around the custom field will fix the width:

<div class="section _100">
    <label for="file">Image</label>
    <div> <!-- New DIV -->
        <div class="customfile">
            <button class="customfile-button" aria-hidden="true">Browse</button>
            <span class="customfile-feedback" aria-hidden="true">No file selected...</span>
            <input type="file" style="left: -53.4167px; top: 24.1667px; margin: 0px;" name="file" value="" class="required customfile-input">
    </div> <!-- /New DIV -->

In my opinion, you should also remove the following, which is offsetting the button and increasing the height:

.customfile-button {

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