How would I replace a DOM node and wrap it after?

Consider the following:

I have a div which I'm replacing with a textarea like:

var $targetDiv = $('#the-div');
var $newDiv = $('#the-new-div');


Which would turn:

<div id="the-div"></div>


<div id="the-new-div"></div>

How would I wrap <div id="the-new-div"></div> in a div called <div id="the-new-div-wrapper">?

So the outcome would become:

<div id="the-new-div-wrapper">
<div id="the-new-div">

$targetDiv.replaceWith($newDiv).wrap('<div id="the-new-div-wrapper"' />') didn't seem to work.


Do the wrapping first

$targetDiv.wrap('<div id="the-new-div-wrapper" />').replaceWith($newDiv);

Or make it in two lines:

$newDiv.wrap('<div id="the-new-div-wrapper" />');


There's also a typo in your code: $targetDiv.replaceWith($newDiv).wrap('<div id="the-new-div-wrapper"' />') There is an additional apostrophe, which shouldn't be there.

try this

$targetDiv.replaceWith($newDiv.wrap('<div id="the-new-div-wrapper"' />'));

it would actually wrap the div before the lot replace the target div but will achieve the same result.

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