return variable undefined in jQuery $.post sent by a cfc

I am using $.post() to send a json to my cfc, which updates some records. I am not returning a json back to the calling page, I am just returning the contents of a variable that I am setting in the cfc. Based on the value of that variable, the update was/was not successful. I cannot seem to get at the contents of the variable. I just started using jQuery, so I think I'm doing it right, but apparently not.

the jQuery:

    if(theArray.length > 0){
        theJson = JSON.stingify(theArray);

I'm not going to post the whole cfc, just the important part.

I am just returning a string.

<cffunction name="updateProfile" ...>

    <cfif message neq ''>
        <cfreturn message>
        <cfset message = "success">         
    <cfreturn message>


You are using $.post incorrectly. That looks like a mish-mash of $.ajax and $.post. Your call should resemble this:

$.post("cfcs/fund_profile.cfc",{ method: "updateProfile", data: theJson}, 
    function(response) {


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