How to register an HttpModule that is not in the App_code folder

I would like to have my code for an HttpModule somewhere else than in the App_code folder, is that possible?

EDIT: For now, i have my module in a class file in the App_code folder of my web application. I'm successfuly registering it with this line in my web.config

  <add name="myModule" type="myModule,App_code"/>

What i would like to do is being able to put my class file somewhere else than in the Ape_code folder. Something like :

  <add name="myModule" type="myModule, myOtherFolder"/>


So, finaly, here's how I solved my problem. I found that to register an HttpModule, you have to use the foollowing syntax.

  <add name="MyModuleName" type="MyApplicationNamespace.MyModuleNamespace.MyModuleClassName, MyApplicationAssemblyName"/>


  • MyModuleName is not restrictive, it is used by the application to reference the module
  • Since MyApplicationName and MyApplicationAssemblyName is often the same (it is in my case), it is probable that the syntax above isn't totaly acurate.

Hope this can help someone else.

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