Limiting scope of JQuery selection with nested, repeating element structure

Given a repeating, nested element structure, for example:

<div class="A">

  <span class="B></span>
  <span class="B></span>

  <span class="B">
     <div class="A">
        <span class="B"></span>
     </div class="A">


How can I select the last <span class="B"></span> that is a direct child of the root <div class="A"></div> element?

I tired:

div.A > class.B

...but (correctly) this also matches the last element which is not a direct child of the root <div class="A"></div> element.


you could either add some id, classes, or a data-level object in order to make the nesting search easier, or you could do this slightly hackish version:


I would suggesting adding a data-level, id, or other class to handle the level though.

For example, change your HTML to:

<div class="A" data-level="first">

  <span class="B" data-level="second"></span>
  <span class="B" data-level="second"></span>

  <span class="B" data-level="second">
     <div class="A" data-level="third">
        <span class="B" data-level="fourth"></span>


and you can do things like:



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