Stub Not Generated using Sun Wireless toolkit 2.5.2 on Windows xp

I am trying to generate stub using the sun's wireless toolkit 2.5.2 .The os on my pc is windows xp.I am trying to generate stub by using following process

Start -> SunWirelessToolkit -> Utilities -> stub generator -> launch

then i put the wsdl link of my webservice in that

and specify the output path but now file or output is created in the specified folder.

Can anybody please tell me what I am doing wrong or y that stub is not generated.Wen I copy and paste that url on browser it opens and shows whole wsdl.

I want to generate this stub to consumne webservices in Blackberry.


You are probably having a connection timeout or the stub generator is unable to connect due to a firewall.

Try downloading the WSDL file to local and try again.

I cannot understand why the stub generator produces no output nor gives any error. Try putting a bad URL on purpose to see if it fails. If still no output, you probably have the J2ME wireless toolkit or Java bad installed.

UPDATE: Check this link:

Scroll to the middle of the page and you'll find a table with the supported data types. JSR-172 is a JAX-RPC subset, so not all complex types are often supported. Check your WSDL doesn't contain any unsupported type.

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