Setting the 'audience' in a SharePoint-NavigationNode?

Hallo, i am using WSS 3.0 and i need to display certain entries of a website's navigation ("Quicklaunch") to specified groups only. According to this blogpost this can be done using properties of the SPNavigationNode - but it seems the solution to the problem is 'MOSS only'. Is there a way to do this in WSS?


The QuickLaunch (QL) will do security trimming for the default items on the menu. In other words, if a user doesn't have access to what the QL nav item points to, it won't be displayed to her. However, the QL unfortunately does not do security trimming on nav items you add manually through the GUI. If you add items via the object model and indicate that they should be security-trimmed, it will work.

I was able to both add and remove security-trimmed QL nav items to WSS using the code in this blog post. (Actually, I did it via PowerShell, but that's still using the same object model code.) I hope that helps.

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