Copying keys and certificates to another one Mac for iPhone development

We bought a new Mac and would like to migrate the certificates and private keys from the old machine to the new machine. The old machine contains keys and certificates for six iPhone apps.

We followed the instructions outlined in this SO post, which is also echoed in other SO posts on the topic.

Everything seems to work in that we can upload a new binary to the App Store.

But when we look in Keychain Access, only the key/certificate pairing for one app appears.

Do we need to worry about this? Or is there a convenient way to export/import private keys and certificates in mass (as opposed to one by one)?

We're on Xcode 4.2.



You should be able to export all your provisioning profiles with all the keys (Public and Private) with just one export

In the Organiser under the Devices tab, you need to select Developer Identity and export that to a file and give it a password. Move that file to the new system and import it into Xcode and your full identity will be set up

Import/Export works differently in Xcode 5+. This Apple Developer guide shows you how to do it.

Your account is shown under XcodePreferencesAccounts, and can be exported by clicking the gear icon () in the lower-left.

Import by selecting the private key from the keys tab. This prompts a password and after the password it saves in .p12 format and you can install in all the systems.

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