Fabric authentication with kerberos

I'm trying to write a fabric function that puts a script on a remote host and runs it as root. I don't have the root password to login to the machine, nor am I a sudoer, but I do have a root principle in kerberos. Typically, I can connect to a machine as root with the following:

kinit username/root
(enter root principle pass)

ssh root@host

Connecting in this manner I'm not prompted for a password when ssh'ing to the host.

So I want to emulate this process using fabric. To do so I assumed the following,

kinit user/root

fab task1 task2 --user=root

Unfortunately fabric prompts me for a password, while I do not have the root password, I can't supply this. Fabric will not let me pass a null for the password as far as I can tell. Any ideas?


Looks like Fabric doesn't support Kerberos authentication. If I remember correctly paramiko library doesn't support it either and Fabric uses paramiko (not sure), so it doesn't have corresponding support.

You should go and ask here: http://docs.fabfile.org/en/1.4.1/index.html#getting-help

May be use IRC channel so as to get quick response.


There is an open pull request for support of Kerberos in Fabric and it looks like it's working and is almost ready to be merged:


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