Replacing CSS3 hover transition with jquery click event

I have a series of images that use css3 to achieve a hover effect. When the use hovers over an image, a caption slides over. It is a very nice effect. On mobile, the user cannot see this hover effect because there is no hovering on mobile. Ideally, I want mobile users to see the caption when they "tap" (same as click) on the image. What is the best approach to convert a css hover selector into a click event? I would assume the best approach is to use jquery. But if I did soemthing like the following, I'm not sure how this would work with CSS3:

     perform css3 hover transitions now

I would place this in a conditional so it only applies to screens below 480px (mobile). My question is, how would I trigger these CSS3 hover transitions as a jquery click event on mobile screens? Any ideas?


sincerely i haven't tried jQuery Mobile yet, but this library provides pseudo-events for mouse events like vmouseover, you can use this event, put the CSS :hover properties in another class and by firing the event add the class to the element:

$('img').live('vmouseover', function() {

According to this what you want is impossible. The suggested fix is to duplicate the css in another, non-pseudo css class.

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