Should I go with dynamic or static data for my app?

I have a simple app that I'm developing for a gospel band.

The app will be a Tab application with the following tabs:

  • Schedule (the band appointments, like concerts and such)
  • Members (info about the members)
  • Songs (music download, lyrics and such)
  • Social (twitter and facebook feed)
  • Videos (video download and such)

Some things are less dynamic than others, for instance: some people should be able to add songs to the list from a particular website, and the members information also.

The question is: Should I base all of those views in server-side services, where I will create my tables and other UI components based on server responses, or should I just make all of that as static data for the first version of the app?


I'd use Core Data for that. In the first version, you just have everything locally. Later, you can build web services to get latest data and cache it for offline use [in Core Data]. Actually, you can use any data model instead of Core Data..

I see no reason why your whole UI should be dynamically generated. Your situation sounds like the common case where you have a standard set of views showing dynamically fetched data.

That greatly depends on how much data you are going to change in future development of your project. If there will be minor changes your can do everything statically. In case of major changes you can really hold your data on server side with some kind of cache on application side and check the changes on application start and by user request.

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