What's the correct wrong with my project template

I'm trying to write some project and file templates for MonoDevelop (Android, Console and iOS) and can't seem to get the mpack files to install, I keep getting this error when installing the mpack file the monodevelop addin manager:

The add-in MonoDevelop.MonoAndroid. is trying to extend /MonoDevelop/Ide/About, but there isn't any add-in defining this extension point.

And here is my template, if you see anything silly, please let me know.

Thanks, Kenny.

    <Import file="__PreviewImage.png"/>
    <Import file="__TemplateIcon.png"/>

    <Addin id="::MonoDevelop.Ide" version="2.8"/>

<Extension path="/MonoDevelop/Ide/ProjectTemplates">
    <ProjectTemplate id="iFactrCrossPlatformAndroid" file="iFactrCrossPlatformAndroid.xpt.xml" />
    <ProjectTemplate id="iFactrCrossPlatformTouch" file="iFactrCrossPlatformTouch.xpt.xml" />
    <ProjectTemplate id="iFactrAndroid" file="iFactrAndroid.xpt.xml" />


I'm assuming you have the correct attributes on your root element. If so, the error would seem to indicate that you have an old copy of MonoDevelop.MonoAndroid.dll somewhere, and it's confusing the addin engine for some reason.

Note also that you need to import all the addin's files (except the manifest) to get them included in the mpack.

    <Import file="__PreviewImage.png"/>
    <Import file="__TemplateIcon.png"/>
    <Import file="iFactrCrossPlatformAndroid.xpt.xml"/>
    <Import file="iFactrCrossPlatformTouch.xpt.xml"/>
    <Import file="iFactrAndroid.xpt.xml"/>

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