Reading h.246 NAL header info

Looking for more detailed info on how to read the NAL header and more specifically the SPS (sequence parameter set) NAL unit.

Here are two examples:

  • 00000001674d401fba202833f3c200000300c800002ed5c0400249e0002dc6f451807c60c4480000000168ebef20
  • 0000000127640028ac721005005bb01100000303e90000ea60e000002b7cc00006cb80ef7b80f84422890000000128ebef2c

Any details or in-depth explanations on how to read this would be much appreciated.


first of all you need to convert your NAL from EBSP to RBSP, after that you can use reference provided by Bob

eg 00 00 03 -> 00 00

H.264 video is specified in ISO 14496 part 10.

The 000001 is an annex B start code. Next will be the nal_unit() specified in section 7.3.1. Inside the NAL is the rbsp for the SPS or PPS.

The syntax of seq_parameter_set_rbsp() is specified in section .

pic_parameter_set_rbsp() is specified in section

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