Range of Host IPs in the network

I am able to get the IP address and Subnet Mask programatically. Is there a way we could generate all addressable host IPs with these two information?

I am just trying to develop a simple Ping Sweep module for my application.


PS: I am using C# .NET 3.5.


Calculate the first and last host IP addresses and then iterate over them sequentially. The first IP address is (address & mask) + 1. The last is (address | ~mask) - 1.

So if the network is and the netmask is, the first eligible host IP is:

(address & mask) + 1
( & + 1 + 1

The last eligible host IP is:

(address | ~mask) - 1
( | ~( - 1
( | ( - 1 - 1

So the valid host addresses are through inclusive.

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