how to set applicationbar opacity from code behind

I have been attempting to set the applicationbar on my MainPage in the code behind based on a slider bar that the user may control at will. I have a lot of information in my applicationbar so I created it in xaml, except for the opacity which should change depending on the values of the slider. I am unsure though of how to access the MainPage applicationbar opacity from the codebehind?


Try this:

 ApplicationBar = new ApplicationBar();
 ApplicationBar.IsMenuEnabled = true;
 ApplicationBarIconButton button1 = new ApplicationBarIconButton(new Uri("/Images/", UriKind.Relative));
 button1.Text = "Search";
 ApplicationBarMenuItem menuItem1 = new ApplicationBarMenuItem("MenuItem 1");

To change the opacity value of a currently existing ApplicationBar, use the following

(ApplicationBar as ApplicationBar).Opacity = num;

where num is your opacity of preference!

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