Unescape database content with adodb or PHP

while addslashes has a counterpart, stripslashes, I am not aware of a counterpart for PHP DB-specific escape functions (such as mysql_real_escape_string or pg_escape_string) nor of the ADOdb qstr functions. Am I right? How can you un-escape content escaped with mysql_real_escape_string or qstr?

I know that, in an ideal world, we don't need un-esacpe functions because you should db-escape content just before using them in a query but if an application has been build using an "escape everything" approach and you need to work with that, you need to unescape content every time you don't use them in a query and stripslashes doesn't work if you switched from addslashes to something like mysql_real_escape_string, pg_escape_string or adodb->qstr.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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