merge two steps shipping method and payment information in onepage checkout in magento

i m working on a projec and my client want to merge two steps shipping method and payment information in single step, when client click on continue then shipping method and payment information both should get saved and review page should get open


after working about 25 to 30 days , i have done it,i combined both the steps and is getting save from one single button ,working same as it was working earlier but still i want to do one more thing to it, i want to hide the "li id="opc-shipping_method" class="section". "

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How to turn off OpenGL filtering when scaling up textures?

c++ c opengl pixel scaling

I already have these lines in here when I'm loading the texture:

AntiForgeryToken With Jquery Ajax Calls Using ViewModels? jquery antiforgerytoken

I have read through here about getting the AntiForgeryToken working with Jquery ajax reuests and I basically have to make sure I include the token with my post/ajax call using something like

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