Record user voice from web browser

I am simulating something similar to Google Chrome's voice recognition plugin. I wish to record voice from web browser and send it to server for processing. In short, I wish to do as described in Accessing Google Speech API / Chrome 11. I have seen similar posts as this, but very few of them have been answered. And also I wish to do it without flash. I know that it is possible, because chrome is doing it! So how can we do it? Any help in any language is appreciated and required!

Answers can we do it?"

The answer is provided in the linked document, namely:

..Google pushed version 11 of their Chrome browser into beta, and along with it, one really interesting new feature- support for the HTML5 speech input API.

Using HTML 5 Speech API, but it is not supported by all the browsers yet. We may need to wait for some more time to get it supported by all the browsers.

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