Using iPhone retina image as iPad non-retina image, without duplication

if I have a universal app with 4 images as below

  • iPhoneimage.png (50x50)
  • iPhoneimage@2x.png (100x100)
  • iPadimage.png (100x100)
  • iPadimage@2x.png (200x200)

They are all the same image, just different sizes. As you can see the iPhone retina image is the same size as the iPad non-retina image.

Is there a way to use the iPhone retina image as the iPad non-retina image without duplicating the file itself and renaming it? Just seems a bit of a waste of memory, especially if it occurs often in the application.


i did not try but it got thumbs up 13 times so should be right .. :)

iphone&ipad retina image processes

hope this helps to you..

I am doing the same thing in an application of my own. I found that naming the images image.png, image@2x.png, and image@2x@2x.png worked quite well.

You can just name it iPhoneimage.png and set the size to 200x200, but you need to manage the image scaling accordingly.

But note that you'll gain some SSD memory and maybe you can stay below the 50MB limit for 3G App Store download, but you'll consume much more ram memory.

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