Initialize Objective-C NSDictionary from c++ std::map

Is there a clever non-brute-force way to initialize an NSDictionary using the contents of an std::map? FWIW, in my particular case, both the keys and the values of the std::map are std::string objects. Thanks.


Need Your Help

Why does my form send the data twice after refresh?

php html forms

I have a form in my website, but I can't fix one problem. When I write some text in the form box, it sends the data to the database. When I hit refresh, the page sends the same data again, to the

Problems with Buttons

java swing layout jradiobutton

I'm having a problem with radiobuttons and adding them to my gui layout. I am trying to load a group of buttons to my panel, "orderPanel," and position the group next to the description header and ...

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