Low level graphics programming and ZBrush

After a while of 3d modelling and enjoying ZBrush's impeccable performance and numerous features I thought it would be great OpenGL practice for me to create something similar, just a small sculpting tool. Sure enough I got it done, I couldn't match ZBrush's performance of course seeing as how a brigade of well payed professionals outmatch a hobbyist. For the moment I just assumed ZBrush was heavily hardware accelerated, imagine my surprise when I found out it's not and furthermore it uses neither opengl or direct3d.

This made me want to learn graphics on a lower level but I have no clue where to start. How are graphics libraries made and how does one access the framebuffer without the use of opengl. How much of a hassle would it be to display just a single pixel without any preexisting tools and what magic gives ZBrush such performance.

I'd appreciate any info on any question and a recommendation for a book that covers any of these topics. I'm already reading Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book but it's not really addressing these matters or I just haven't reached that point yet.

Thank you in advance.

(Please don't post answers like "just use opengl" or "learn math", this seems to be the reaction everywhere I post this question but these replies are off topic)


If you want a book that starts at a low level, with framebuffers and such, try Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, by Foley, van Dam, et al. It is an older, traditional text, but newer books tend to have a higher-level view. For a more modern text, I can also recommend 3D Computer Graphics by Alan Watt. There are plenty of other good introductory texts available -- these are just two that I am personally familiar with.

Neither of the above books are tied to OpenGL -- if I recall correctly, they include the specific math and algorithms necessary to understand and implement 3D graphics from the bottom up.

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