ImageJ - Image to Stack in Batch

I have .tiff files which contain 25 sections of a stack each. Is there a way to use the "Image to Stack" command in batch? Each data set contains 60 tiffs for all three channels of color.

Thanks Christine


The general way to discover how to do these things is to use the macro recorder, which you can find under Plugins > Macros > Record .... If you then go to File > Import > Image Sequence... and select the first file of the sequence as normal, you should see something like the following appear in the recorder:

run("Image Sequence...", "open=[/home/mark/a/1.tif] number=60 starting=1 increment=1 scale=100 file=[] or=[] sort");

To allow this to work for arbitrary numbers of slices (my example happened to have 60) just leave out the number=60 bit. So, for example, to convert this directory of files to a single file from the command-line you can do:

imagej -eval 'run("Image Sequence...", "open=[/home/mark/a/1.tif] starting=1 increment=1 scale=100 file=[] or=[] sort"); saveAs("Tiff", "/home/mark/stack.tif");' -batch

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