Restlet consume post webservice, add json-string as representation

I want to consume a rest webservice using restlet. This will be done with a post. What do I need to add to the following code:

ClientResource resource = new ClientResource("url");      
resource.setChallengeResponse(ChallengeScheme.HTTP_BASIC, user, password);

I have a Json string and in the code where my rest-webservice is implemented the input is an Representation object. I need my parameter to be(being the jsonstring) in the enitity.gettext() method if possible.

public StartProcessInstanceResponse startProcessInstance(Representation entity)
jsonstring = entity.gettext();

Thanks in advance.


Found the answer myself... You should make a Represenation object like this

Representation rep = new StringRepresentation(jsonString);

Then you can post like this:;

That's it...

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