Does anybody know of any good PHP Codeigniter auto form generators?

I have googled this but wanted to see what the general concensus was on stack overflow.

Does anybody know of any good PHP Codeigniter auto form generators?

I want to be able to create some forms based on a mysql database table.

Does anybody know any good ones?


I've used the following sparks - they all work well - just personal perference

If you're looking for some CRUD sort of functionalty - have a look at this

Only one line of code... Even if you are bored to write the set_table function , the library searchs if the function name exists as a table name

function offices()
    $output = $this->grocery_crud->render();


And your CRUD is ready :-)

In this example I set the table name (offices) and I get the default Crud with add-edit and delete (create-update-delete). All the views are ready and you don't need anything else.

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