IE7 issue - spacing too large on floated, padded elements

Having IE7 only issues with spacing on this page:

The image below shows the large space above and below the feature boxes, and above the footer content.

I can see that many people have issues with margins in IE7, but I am using padding. I am also using Eric Meyer's reset.css. However, the content is floated which seems part of the problem.

Appreciate any guidance!


I found that this big blank space is because of margin-bottom added to 'entry-content' class. This class is added to div right under H1. You can remove that margin-bottom and add it to H3 with 'Find out why' text. In my case that solved problem :)

Btw. on Chrome when You hover on Tahini Cookies image the image move's down. That is weird...

EDIT: To repair footer blank space add in styles display inline-block like below

#footer-container { 
    display: inline-block;

Big blank space above footer is because You have height added to #primary-menu and #container. I tried to remove that but then I noticed that after that menu is not height enough so I modified both heights to min-height: 563px (number is up to You). Is that what You are expecting? I found help at

And today I don't have that wierd jumping Tahini Cookies image. Can You tell me what was that and how did You repaire this?

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