Simple JSON parse example wanted in VB.Net

I'm doing my first steps with Newtonsoft Json parser, but there are very fex examples on apperently. I just want to parse a string, and then I want to be able to loop throught the different list

This is my code :

Dim JSON As String
Dim values As Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject
JSON = "{'mailadresses': {    'List1':{'Stefaan Somers': '',          'Markske': ''       }, 'List2':{'Stefaan XSomers': '',         'xMarkske': ''       }}"
values = JObject.Parse(JSON)

It directly gives me the error when running : Unexpected end of content while loading JObject. Path 'mailadresses', line 1, position 221.

Any idea also on how to loop through the different elements. I don't want to cast to a custom class, as described in many samples


Your json isnt valid according to jsonlint.

try this instead:

    "mailadresses": {
        "List1": {
            "StefaanSomers": "",
            "Markske": ""
        "List2": {
            "StefaanXSomers": "",
            "xMarkske": ""

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