Enter and Exit subprocess from Shell Script

I am trying to enter irb from a shell script, do something, and then return to the shell script.

How can I do this?


# Some shell instructions here
four = 2 + 2
echo "This text is not reached and the process hangs open"

NOTE: I should not try to load irb to enter static code, I agree with you guys. I didn't think about what I was doing. I was interacting with an AWS library and I tried to carry that same philosophy into automating this without thinking twice about it.


You can pass a here document to irb:

irb <<SCRIPT
  four = 2 + 2
  puts four

However, I don't think that will accomplish what you are trying to do. Here is the output:

Switch to inspect mode.
  four = 2 + 2
  puts four

It is similar to bash -x. Why not simply use plain old ruby for this?

ruby <<SCRIPT
  four = 2 + 2
  puts four

There is no need to spawn an interactive shell if you aren't going to interact with it.

I think you want the answer explained from fork and exec in bash essentially:

function_to_fork() { irb }

function_to_fork &

that may not work if you want some interaction there to influence the parent process or for the parent process to wait.

My comment below didn't format very well:

With the following program I was able to achieve:

# irbb.sh
echo "here"

$ ./irbb.sh 
>> four = 2 + 2
=> 4
>> exit

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