Unable to get my bing translate api ajax call to work,

I am mock testing the Bing translate api, and attempting to do a very very basic translation of converting the innerHTML of a div into the specified languages. so pretty basic, but unable to find where my code is faltering...here is the jscript :

 var Translate={ 
   var s = document.createElement("script"); 
   s.src =this.baseUrl+"/Translate"; 
   s.src +="?oncomplete="+callback;  
   s.src +="&appId="+this.appId; 
   s.src +="&from" + from ; 
   s.src += "&to=" + to ; 
   s.src += "&text=" + text;  
 var mycallback=function(result){ 

function translater() 
 text = document.getElementById('translate').innerHTML; 


// Translate.translate("Hello World",              "en","es","mycallback"); 

As you can see from the above, I attempt to view what Translate.baseUrl looks like but nothing alerts itself....the html is :

<input type = "button" onclick = " translater()"/>
<div id ="translate"> This is the text to be translated. </div>

i cross tested if the onclick is working by putting in alert messages in the translater function and the callback happens on the onclick event.

Thanks guys!


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