Python wxTextCtrl move text 4 spaces on tab key down?

I have a wxTextCtrl and I have the cursor move 4 spaces on tab key down. But if I have not typed anything the cursor does not move nor does text when I press tab.

self.editor = wx.TextCtrl(splitter, style = wx.TE_MULTILINE)
wx.EVT_KEY_DOWN(self.editor, self.on_key_down)

def on_key_down(self, e):
    if e.GetKeyCode() == wx.WXK.TAB:
        current = self.editor.GetInsertionPoint()
        tab = current + 4

If anyone could help me with getting the cursor to move even if I've not typed anything in front of the cursor and any text in front of the cursor.

Also I would like to get certain key words to change colour when typed. If anyone could help with that I would be very appreciative.


Try using WriteText:

def on_key_down(self, e):
    if e.GetKeyCode() == wx.WXK_TAB:
        tab = ' ' * 4

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