I want to make a simple batch file

that opens Minecraft.exe, and logs in when clicked. Is this possible?


Hmm, Is this what you want; it should work:

@echo off
"%cd%\minecraft.exe" username password serverip

edit the username, password and ip to your liking.

A Better Solution in my opinion:

Just figured it out, the batch file doesn't work, however; when set up as a shortcut it does! So create a new shortcut and for the path use this:


"<FilePath>" <username> <password> <server>


"C:\Program Files\Minecraft\Minecraft.exe" bobjones passchuck

Hope that works out for you, alot simpler then a bath file IMO.

also if you don't include IP, it just goes and logins in to minecraft. Stopping at the title screen.


To start the jar version of Minecraft on Windows, create a new file in Notepad, and paste in java -Xms512M -Xmx1G -jar minecraft_server.jar Save the file as startserver.bat, and place the file in the same folder as minecraft_server.jar. The .bat extension saves the file as a batch file.

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