Restore Database in WAMP

I had few databases related to different projects in the WAMP. I don't know what happened, Today, when I go to PhpMyAdmin, I was just able to see the default databases and rest of my databases are not showing and even the php code related to those databases are throwing database not found errors. But when I go to "D:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.1.30\data" the folders with my DB names are there. But not sure how to restore those DBs and I don't have any backup of the DB, Can any one help me how to restore them?


You can copy these file to another location and reinstall the same WAMP version after installtation copy them back to original location. :-)

Another method is to utilise Window's "Restore previous versions" feature. Right click the wamp folder (usually in C:\, click Restore previous versions and select the most recent date you know it was working.

Note: This will also revert mysql data - so you'll lose any changes after the date you select, but I have used this in the past when I needed to get my whole wamp system back to a working state when something had broken it.

Have you checked my.ini file? Just find datadir it should refer to db folder (e.g datadir=D:/Wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.1.30/data) - goodluck :)

Copy the complete data folder from old wamp mysql folder to new mysql folder and then inside data folder change the name of the file mysql-bin.index to mysql-bin.index-corrupt. Then restart WAMP. That's all.

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