Reading datagridview

I populated a datagridview from a datatable. How do I read from the datagridview when the application is running?


how did you populate it? is the DataSource something useful like a BindlingList? If it is then something like:

BindingSource bindingSource = this.dataGridView1.DataSource as BindingSource;
//substitute your business object type for T 
T entity = bindingSource.Current as T;

would get you the entity bound to the row.

Otherwise there is always the datagridview.Columns[n].Cells[n].Value but really I'd look at using the objects in the DataSource

Edit: Ah... a datatable... righto:

 var table = dataGridView1.DataSource as DataTable;

 foreach(DataRow row in table.Rows)
     foreach(DataColumn column in table.Columns)

You can iterate through your datagridview and retrieve each cell.

for(int i =0; i < DataGridView.Rows.Count; i++){
  DataGridView.Rows.Columns["columnName"].Text= "";

There is an example here.

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