Determine the number of rows in a range

I know the range name of the start of a list - 1 column wide and x rows deep.

How do I calculate x?

There is more data in the column than just this list. However, this list is contiguous - there is nothing in any of the cells above or below or either side beside it.


Function ListRowCount(ByVal FirstCellName as String) as Long
    With thisworkbook.Names(FirstCellName).RefersToRange
        If isempty(.Offset(1,0).value) Then 
            ListRowCount = 1
            ListRowCount = .End(xlDown).row - .row + 1
        End If
    End With
End Function

But if you are damn sure there's nothing around the list, then just thisworkbook.Names(FirstCellName).RefersToRange.CurrentRegion.rows.count


Why not use an Excel formula to determine the rows? For instance, if you are looking for how many cells contain data in Column A use this:


You can replace <> with any value to get how many rows have that value in it.


This can be used for finding filled cells in a row too.

You can also use:

Range( RangeName ).end(xlDown).row

to find the last row with data in it starting at your named range.

I am sure that you probably wanted the answer that @GSerg gave. There is also a worksheet function called rows that will give you the number of rows.

So, if you have a named data range called Data that has 7 rows, then =ROWS(Data) will show 7 in that cell.

That single last line worked perfectly @GSerg.

The other function was what I had been working on but I don't like having to resort to UDF's unless absolutely necessary.

I had been trying a combination of excel and vba and had got this to work - but its clunky compared with your answer.

strArea = Sheets("Oper St Report CC").Range("cc_rev").CurrentRegion.Address
cc_rev_rows = "=ROWS(" & strArea & ")"
Range("cc_rev_count").Formula = cc_rev_rows

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