Calendar doesn't displayed using sfJQueryUIPlugin

I have installed the sfJQueryUIPlugin for my project, which I want to display a date picker for a birthday selection. therefore after installation I've change my form widgets to

"date_of_birth" =>new sfWidgetFormDateJQueryUI(array("change_month" => true, "change_year" => true)),

But when I viewing the template it only appears a input box. No calender displaying.

Any idea?

This is plugin which i used sfJQueryUIPlugin Is there any other way or plugin which i can use as a date picker for symfony ... please give me an idea..


When you use js and css from plugins you should execute this command:

php symfony plugin:publish-assets

This will copy the files in your web folder.

For a better explanation check the assets section in

You can add normal text widget to the form with id="date_of_birth" and simply use javascript slot wit jQuery (in view template):

<?php append_to_slot('javascript'); ?>

  $(function() {

<?php end_append_to_slot(); ?>

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