VS Extension dev: is there a list of built-in button icons?

I'm developing a Visual Studio Extension. Looking at some examples, I notice that there are built-in icons for buttons, such as the refresh button:

<Icon guid="guidOfficeIcon" id="msotcidRefresh"/>

My question is: is there a list of available IDs of this icon group "guidOfficeIcon"? Digging around the net I've found some others: msotcidClock, msotcidNoIcon, msotcidGears... But it would be nice to have a list of all of them.

Thank you for your advice.


I just spent a couple of hours looking for the same thing. The file can be found at Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SDK\VisualStudioIntegration\Common. In perfect 20/20 hindsight the answer was right in front of our eyes, the vcst file created by the vs package wizard specifies

<!--This is the file that defines the IDs for all the commands exposed by VisualStudio. -->
<Extern href="stdidcmd.h"/>
<!--This header contains the command ids for the menus provided by the shell. -->
<Extern href="vsshlids.h"/>
<!--Definition of some VSCT specific constants. In this sample we use it for the IDs inside the guidOfficeIcon group. -->
<Extern href="msobtnid.h"/>

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