Adding a string that has quotes in it to a StringBuilder

I have a string builder object and I am appending some values to it, one of the values I need to add is this:

<Literal datatypeIRI="&rdf;PlainLiteral">

but when I copy-paste it and add it to the stringbuilder object, it gives error and thinks that sring parameter is not completed yet...I also tried to put a "@" at the beginning of it, but still the same problem.


" characters need to be escaped. For normal strings, use \", for @ strings use "".

e.g. "<Literal datatypeIRI=\"&rdf;PlainLiteral\">"

You need to escape the embedded ":

"<Literal datatypeIRI=\"&rdf;PlainLiteral\">"


@"<Literal datatypeIRI=""&rdf;PlainLiteral"">"

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