Button Visibilty inside a Datagrid

i've created a Datagrid Control in WPF. how can i make my Button visible only for a Cell

inside the row that i have select it. anyone can help.

<DataGridTemplateColumn x:Name="typ" Header="H." Width="50">
     <Button Name="btnTabelle" Visibility="Hidden" Height="20" Width="25" 



You can set the Visibility based on if the DataGridCell.IsSelected, although you will need a BooleanToVisibilityConverter to convert the boolean value to a Visibility one

Here's an example, using a RelativeSource binding to find the DataGridCell

 <Button Visibility="{Binding Path=IsSelected,
             RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type DataGridCell}},
             Converter={StaticResource MyBooleanToVisibiltyConverter}" ... />

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