How To Press <CTRL>

from pywinauto import application
app = application.Application.start("C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office12\\EXCEL.exe")

%a = Alt + a

I Want Ctrl + a. is there a sign for this?


You must use Control key specifier - ^, so try:


You can get documentation on SendKeys mini-syntax here or here.

Need Your Help

Is it possible to use AS3 to detect when a flashbuilder app is in background or foreground?

actionscript-3 flex flash-builder flashdevelop

I have an app that runs on both ios and android, built in flashbuilder ( Im using Flex 13 as the SDK ). The app continues to run in the background on both platforms when a user switches to another...

have a .exe run in the background and type things into that through python

python popen

I have a program, myshell.exe, that i need to interact with through python (send commands to it and read results back).

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